crealuras poster 'stay proud'
Crealuras poster design interior living room.

A growing art collection of posters and products, created by Crealuras and other artists. These collector’s items have been made exclusively for Crealuras.

The Posters were created during lockdown and exhibited in the city of Amsterdam as a positive message.

One of the winners of The Poster design Contest – FondsvoorWest with the Poster Stay West.

‘Beautiful project!’ – Quote on LinkedIn
‘Where can I buy them’- Quote on Instagram #studiovanpelt #crealuras
stay-proud poster design crealuras
stay-proud poster illustration. U can have one too in your living room…

Postcard design created during the lockdown COVID-19 period, which was the start for the posters #studiovanpelt #crealuras.

We have more Posters for you in the shop.

Have fun!

Crealuras Posters in Amsterdam on wildplakzuil. #poster #creature
crealuras art posters amsterdam
Posting the crealuras posters on ‘wildplakzuilen’ in amsterdam.
Skateboard design crealuras
Skateboard design Deck art Crealuras