Posters design

crealuras poster 'stay proud'
‘Stay Proud poster design in the living room.

A growing art collection of posters and products, created by Crealuras and other artists. These collector’s items have been made exclusively for Crealuras.

The animal Posters are printed in format 70 x 100 cm were exhibited in several parts of the city of Amsterdam.

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poster format 70x100
Stay Clean poster, more design here Order here

Examples of the postcards created during the lockdown COVID-19 period, which was the start of the idea for poster designs.

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Have fun!

Animal Posters in Amsterdam printed 70×100 cm during COVID-19.
crealuras posters in amsterdam
Posting the crealuras posters on ‘wildplakzuilen’ in amsterdam
Skateboard design crealuras
Skateboard design Crealuras